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Our Programs

The Ripple Effect

Your donation directly supports the dreams of extraordinary young individuals who are not only excelling academically but have also demonstrated exceptional leadership and a deep commitment to their communities.

By investing in these young leaders, you're not just funding their education – you're investing in a ripple effect of positive change. These scholars go on to pursue higher education and careers that allow them to continue making a lasting impact.

A Community, not just a Scholarship

In honor of Alisa, scholarship recipients are welcomed into the Alisa's Angels community, where they receive empowerment, encouragement, and ongoing support through scholarship and connection.

Prospective candidates undergo a thorough and meticulous selection process. The primary and foremost criterion revolves around the applicants' history of service to others. Additionally, selection criteria encompass financial need, academic performance, and involvement in extracurricular activities. Eligibility extends to graduating high school seniors in both Arizona and the Colorado Springs area.

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