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Interested in joining the board?

  • Keep reading for Board of Director responsibilities.

  • Or, join one of our committees (for more details on the committees, download this document):

    • Scholarship

    • Fund Development

    • Events

    • Financial

Alisa's Angels Board of Directors

The Board oversees all aspects of the organization, including fiduciary oversight.


  • Attend all board meetings.

  • Participate as a member or chair of at least one committee, actively contributing to the work of that committee.

  • Appoint the organization’s director, including setting appropriate conditions of employment, compensation, and a process to support and assess job performance.

  • Annually adopt a balanced budget and to assume fiduciary responsibility of the organization.

  • Partner with the director in long-range strategic planning.

  • Lend pro-bono professional expertise and other volunteer support as required in order to fulfill the organization’s mission.

  • Serve actively as community advocates for the organization.

  • Approve, periodically review, and accept responsibility for, all organizational policies.

  • Contribute to the viability of the Board by recruiting and training new members, and developing future leaders.

  • Participate in annual review of the performance of the Board.

  • Attend the annual gala and scholarship presentation.

  • Abide by all organization policies

Financial Commitment

  • Alisa’s Angels will be one of the top 3 organizations for my charitable giving.


  • 6 board meetings/year. Committees will meet as required to accomplish the work.

Ready to join?

Please send your resume and letter of interest to Kimberly Moyer at

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