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​Scholarship recipients are supported through our mentoring programs. They are coached in leadership and life skills, and encouraged throughout their educational journey and beyond.

Alisa's Angels is dedicated to creating a ripple effect of caring throughout our communities. Inspired by Alisa who was committed to helping others, we support and empower students who are serving others. The youth we select are an inspiration for their selfless giving.

A Community, not just a Scholarship.

Scholarship recipients become part of the Alisa’s Angels family, where they are empowered, encouraged and supported.

Reinvented Mentorship Program Coming Soon...



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Our partners, the Eller student consultants, are hard at work researching mentorship best practices and developing recommendations for structuring the best possible experience for mentors and mentees. ​

Our primary focus is to foster


and we cannot wait to share this new, reinvented mentorship program with you!

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